16 thoughts on “more minecraft videos

  1. Justin

    Hello room 6 my name is Justin from kawakawa primary school I really wish we could play minecraft at school. Also how often do you guys play minecraft?

  2. Mata

    Kia ora papakaio school my name is Mata from Kawakawa primary school and i’m a year 8. I wish i could play minecraft at my school and what do you guys use minecraft for?

  3. Honekai

    Hi papakaio my name is Honekai from kawakawa primary school i really like your mine craft videos maybe next time you could say what you like the most.

  4. Awatea

    Hi my name is Awatea from Kawakawa primary. I really like that video about minecrafe. Here’s a fact I play Minecrafe. It’s fun aye. What’s your favourite thing about Minecrafe.

  5. Honekai

    Hi papakaio school i really like more of your mine craft videos i really like iris video the main bit i like was the light souse that you belt and the rest of what you belt good job.

  6. jarodk17

    Hi it’s such a cool idea to create you school in minecraft. You could use a screen recorder to record it so it doesn’t glare

  7. Havahna

    Hi my name is Havahna and I go to Kawakawa rpimary school. I really like your mincraft it really gave me insperation. Keep the good work up guys.

  8. Waimirirangi

    Kia ora my name is Waimirirangi and I go to Kawakawa primary school. I really like your minecraft structure, it is outstanding and very well thought out. Keep up the amazing work.


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