June 16

That’s easy for you to say!!

We had our senior speech competition today and as usual Mr. Brown was blown away by the quality and caliber of the content and delivery. Congratulations to everybody for getting up and giving it a go. For some people just standing and delivering was a huge challenge- but you did it. And you did it well. Your teacher is SO proud. This year we were challenged to be provocative and try to come at speeches from a different point of view. In this way it challenged our skills in thinking about our topics and writing arguments that we didn’t necessarily believe in. BUT IT WORKED!! This year’s winner was Georgie McCarthy with a speech on why healthy living is a waste of time. Lena Dupu came a close second with a compelling (if worrying) argument on how kids would make better parents than actual parents and Will Plunket rounded out the top three speaking on the importance of taking care of the planet. Highly commended certificates also went to Jonty Nelson, Sam McCarthy and Ella Hamilton. Well done everyone. If you are interested you can read the speeches on the students own blogs. Go on. Have a look. They will change your life.

Perhaps not but they ARE pretty good. 🙂

Above: Speech winners Will Plunket (left) Lena Dupu (right) and Georgie McCarthy (center) with guest judge Whaea Jamaya Fisilau

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13 thoughts on “That’s easy for you to say!!

  1. ameliaw17

    Hi my name is Amelia from O.I.S.. Good job, speeches can be really scary! Congratulations to all the winners :)!

  2. emilywatson17

    Hi my names emily and i go to oamaru intermedite school and congratulations to all the winners

  3. Saphire

    Kia ora Papakaio primary school. My name is Saphire and I am a year 8 student at Kawakawa primary school. That sounds amazing!!. Must of been a really good day. Congrats on the winners too :).

  4. arrowk17

    Hi, I’m Arrow from O.I.S and I know speeches can be really scary. Great work not only for the winners but for everyone who participated! Good job Papakaio.

  5. dylanjones17

    I’m Dylan from O.I.S. Speeches are really tricky! I was a speech finalist last year and I was freaking out! Congrats to all of those who participated!

  6. capri

    hi my name is capri i go to kawakawa primary school i like that yous blown Mr. Brown away good job keep it up


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