September 16


Spring has sprung and Room 6 has sprung back too. We have been going beserk in the class garden working our green fingers to the bone to get our grow on. We have been turning the soil, adding compost (our own home made) turning again and finally this afternoon, some planting. At last. We’ve got our tomato plants in as well as broccoli, lettuces, beans, beetroot, cauliflower, radishes, parsley, tatsoi (whatever that is) and mustard greens. We are also involved in the Spud in a Bag Challenge. We have six spuds growing. We are working caring and growing the spuds in teams and have even given them (the spuds) names. Which one do you like best?

in this bag is Channing Potatum

In this bag is Channing Potatum.


These fine young men are looking after “Spudmuffin”

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These green thumbed students are caring for “Chip”


These girls are taking care of “Wedgie” the spud.

Here we have "Benny"

Here we have “Benny”


This one is called. Ma Baker - Geddit???

This one is called. Ma Baker – Geddit???