August 16

EPRO8 Technology Challenge Otago Finals

After finishing 3rd in the regional semi-final Ella, Lena, Jonty and Will (aka Papakaio 1) qualified for the Dunedin Finals, along with 11 other teams from Dunedin and the surrounding area. They were held at Kaikorai Valley College. With the travel time and the length of the event, it proved to be a very long night. However, the kids made the step up incredibly well. After leading at the halfway mark they finished a very creditable 4th place, just 20 points off 3rd. The team faced a range of exciting and interesting challenges including; creating wind turbines, automated cranes, pinball machines and fishing robots. What an amazing experience it was. We can’t wait to go again next year. Well done kids. Your teacher is VERY proud of you!

August 16

MOONHACK 2017- we are world record holders!!!

“Moonhack” sounds like the title of the latest Bond movie but actually, it was a world record attempt organised by Codeclub to have the most school kids ever coding at the same time. And we were part of it. We worked on a Scratch project individually (you could say we scratched ourselves), but we uploaded our projects to be part of the event.

Here are some pics to prove it: