February 22

Starting from Scratch

Today we a are using our coding skills to create personal profiles on Scratch. We are adding a picture and links to different pages with information about ourselves, as well as music and recorded voice messages. The best thing is we are teaching each other- because Mr. Brown has no idea. Sam (our resident expert) was given the tasks of learning how to do it. NOw he has spread his knowledge to a smaller group who are doing the same with the rest of the class. At first, Mr. Brown thought this was a good idea. But now he is thinking he might soon be out of a job!!

February 11

Let me tell you something.

For our first writing task, I wanted to learn something new about my students that I didn’t know. I gave them the following examples of my own for the world wide web to know. They came up with some great writing and they will be publishing it on their blogs this week. Anyway, here is the models that they used to create their own exciting writing.

Let me tell you something about me…

I am short. Not just short, really short. So short that it makes people laugh. They call me names; teeny, midget, no legs, stumpy, half man. It drives me crazy. I can never reach the top shelf at the supermarket. I’ve never tasted half the food there. It’s hard. But it does have its benefits that some people don’t know. For example, shopping for clothes in the kid’s section saves me money, and Pumpkin Patch has a great range of cool clothes. Sometimes I can even get into the movies for student prices. The lady at the counter can’t imagine an adult would be so short they struggle to see over the counter. So I guess I shouldn’t complain really. What do you think about that?

P.S. Here is a selfie…..

Image result for gnome

Let me tell you something about me…

I hate sharks. Not just hate- really hate. I hate their fins, their beady little eyes, their gills, their dull, grey skin. But most of all I hate their teeth. They terrify me. Every time I go to the beach I look out at the sea and think……… Nope. I can’t even dip my toes in. I’m consumed by the idea of a hungry shark chomping down on my leg as soon as I step in. I stand on the shore and wave at my kids as they splash away in the waves. But I’m not getting in. No way. Uh-uh. Never. I like my legs where they are. Attached to my body. What do you think about that?  

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Eeeeeeeeew shark!


If you like the idea, maybe you could tell us something about you. We’d love to hear it, whoever you are.