April 6

EWE wouldn’t believe how much fun!!

We have just got back from our trip to Newhaven farm as part of our genetics and farming science unit. We learnt so much about how the sheep are cared for, we met Pippy, the oldest living red deer in the world and we even got given free PIKELETS!!!! Such a great learning experience for us. Here are a million pictures that we are sure you wool love (you see what we did there?). Thanks so much to Jane and Blair Smith for allowing us to visit. And to Deb Kingma for teeing it all up for us.

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3 thoughts on “EWE wouldn’t believe how much fun!!

  1. Jane Smith

    Awesome Papakaio – you were such great visitors to have on the farm – brilliant questions and rather handy in the sheep yards chasing those wayward sheep! Pippy the deer is now having a sleep in the sun after the great lunch you guys fed her. Lets hope some of you choose one of the many career options in Agriculture and the red meat industry. Jane and Blair and the Newhaven team 🙂


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