August 2

4P Learning

Hi Everyone

In Term 3 from weeks 2-8 we will be taking part in our patented 4P learning program. This year it will look like this:

4p in Room 6


1. Choose a topic that interests you are passionate about Pursue it for 6 weeks with the aim of improving your ability or knowledge. Set goals to measure your progress. Find resources to help you to inform your approach.

AT LEAST 25% of your time should be spent reading and or carefully observing.

This must culminate in a final product. Success is not the key indicator, but you must be able to reflect on why you did not succeed.
2. Project Pitch: A 3 slide 90 second presentation that must:

This will be worth 10%

3. Blog Post– An updated Blog post reviewing each session.
  • Describe your motivation for pursuing this study.


  • Lay out your timeline, goals and resources.



  • Explains your proposed final product or outcome


  • What did you do?
  • What have you learned?
  • What next?

  • At least 3 purposeful comments on someone else’s blog.
  • Need an effective script and delivery.
  • Be prepared to answer questions.
  • Be ready to justify why you should be allowed this class time.
This will be worth 50%
4. Write, design and perform a TEDTalk:

  • 2-3 minutes long
  • Include a visual presentation
  • Your delivery should be refined, poised and enthusiastic!

This will be worth 40%

  • Inspire your audience with your passion.
  • Explain the process and show the product.
  • Your audience should learn something from your project

 Remember that your 4P topic proposals need to be in to Mr. Brown by the Friday of Week 2