May 29


We have been practising our pointalism. What do you think?

We studied 1980’s Pop artist Keith Harring. Here are some pieces that we created based on the subway art that he created:20160803_075107 20160803_075058 20160803_075120 20160803_075146 20160803_07513520160803_07513520160803_07514620160803_07512020160803_075058

Here are some more winter pics. This time we focused in the blending of colours, from light to dark, using acrylic paint to create these rather eerie frosty winter night pieces. Some of these will be up in the Forrester Gallery in town soon

20160803_074846 20160803_074858 20160803_074835 20160803_07490620160803_07485820160803_07483520160803_074906

This week we had a go at creating winter landscapes using pastel and vivid.

We looked at ideas of layering, perspective and colour blending. Some of us got finished by the end of the day.

here are the ones that we got finished

Here are the ones that we got finished onto the wall. The rest will be up by the end of next week.

There were a couple that looked particularly good.