February 27

Recount Writing

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In the second half of this term we will be learning how to plan and write interesting recounts.It is important to use the specific structures required by this genre of writing.Like: orientation, time connectives, adjectives, personal reflection and evaluation.Our class will be thinking about the main idea for each paragraph in our recount as well as using strong language and descriptive verbs to “activate” our nouns .We will also plan our recounts using a writing template to help us more succinctly organise our thoughts and make the writing more interesting for our readers. Hopefully we will see some of our examples on this page. Watch this space….
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Here are some examples:

An Almost Disaster

CREEK! The boat rattled and shook as we charged through the Cook Strait. Most struggled to hold on to their seats, when the weather got rough as we travelled, further into the gloomy fog. A poor old lady plummeted to the ground when a major wave struck. Passengers shot over to help her back up to her feet. A table had crashed to the ground, causing glasses on it to shatter into a thousand pieces. I felt horrified and sick to my stomach as the fairy went up…. and down hard. It felt like we were hitting the sea sea floor.

Nothing was good about that trip. With no site of Rose, Ben and Dad, me, Mum, and Sam, were left there, trembling at the fear of sinking. Within an hour I walked through the hallway searching for Dad, I gagged and my nose scrunched up at the appalling stench of pig scraps, while people were sick at my feet. I sprinted outside gasping for fresh air, but only realized at that moment how big the waves really were.

The fairy swayed in an intense motion as I battled to keep my balance, When a strike of relief hit me, when finally a scratchy voice called out from the speakers.

“Please be seated, we have just about entered the Wellington harbour.”

I rushed to the nearest window and I could just make out a shoreline. I didn’t look excited on the outside but I was jumping up and down with joy on the inside. Finally the nightmare was almost over.

By Georgie McCarthy




4 thoughts on “Recount Writing

  1. rm5ois

    This is a GREAT page! Lot’s of excellent tips here for writing interesting recounts. I can’t wait to see what Room 6 creates.

  2. Alesia Davis cooper

    Hi my name is Alesia and I am a year 7 student from Kawakawa primary school. I really like your recount writing it has lots of brilliant tips for writing a recount myself. You’ve used a lot of punctuation in your recount writing. I cant wait to see more creative stuff on your blog.


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