21 thoughts on “Year 8 Wellington Camp

  1. Tia

    Hello room 6 my name is Tia from Kawakawa Primary school room Nga Rau Puawai. Looks like the year 8 had a great time on there Wellington camp. I could see u guys went rock climbing it looked like you guys had such fun on camp. What was your guys highlight of camp and why?

  2. Mata

    Kia ora Papakaio school my name is Mata from Kawakawa primary school and I’m a year 8. I really like the photo of you fella’s in Wellington because I’ve never been down in Wellington before and I would like to go to Wellington one but I can’t yet and it also looks like you fella’s are having a lot of fun.

  3. Waimirirangi

    Kia ora Room 6 my name is Waimirirangi and I attend Kawakawa primary school and I’m in room 3. Your Year 8 camp to Wellington sounds like a great idea for a camp.The photos you posted look amazing as well. Hope you had a fantastic time in Wellington. By the way you should go check out my blog the link is here http://kpswaimirirangig.blogspot.co.nz/

  4. kody

    Hi room 6 my name is Kody from Kawakawa Primary it looks really fun was it fun climbing the rock wall and was it frustrating?

  5. Waiheke

    Hello my Name is waiheke from KawaKawa primary .
    Looks like you had a fun time at camp was it winded at the harbour it looks like it . Also nice ears by the way you also looks like you claimed to.

  6. Mahuta

    Hi room 6 my name is Mahuta from Kawakawa primary schoo.It looks like you guys had fun at camp. It looks funny when you put your faces in the hole because you actually look like a bunny Hahaha.

  7. Awatea

    Hi Room 6. Im Awatea from Kawakawa primary school. I’m a year 7 I’m in the classroom Nga Rau Puawai. Those photo’s look marvellous and fun. Fun fact, me I have never been to Wellington before, so you’re lucky. Hope you guys had fun. What was your highlight about your camp?

  8. ngapua

    :Kia ora room 6 my name is Ngapua I am from Kawakawa Primary in Nga Rau Puawai how was your camp like? Our camp was awesome and cool we went to Marsden bay, On the last day 12 of us got to go on the flying fox and I was the 3rd one to go on it, What was your camp like?

  9. delina

    Hi Room 6 my name is Delina and I’m a year 7 in Nga Rau Puawai. At Kawakawa primary school. Those are beautiful photos, I wish I could go to Wellington some day. But next time you should move back so you can have a marvellous photo.

  10. Evadupree Phillips

    Kia ora room 6 my name is Evadupree from Kawakawa primary school. I am a yr6, 10yr old. My class is called Nga Rau Puawai. You guys look like you had fun on your camp at Wellington Camp
    We went on camp last week. The camp name was Marsden Bay Christian Camp.The photos you put were amazing and you guys went rock climbing and to the zoo I have never been rock climbing at all.go onto our website 2016VKopa and see a lot of things we work on.
    Bye for now.

  11. havahna

    Hi room 6 my name is Havahna and I go to Kawakawa Primary. I really like your year 8 camp and all the photos but I wish you would stalk about how fun it was and what kind of animals you saw at the zoo. But beside that it looked fun and what was your favourite part about it? Please go to our school website at… http://www.kawakawaprimary.co.nz/


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